A Note to Our Customers

Posted Sep 07, 2017 by Banks Staff

The last 18 months have brought many challenges, but just as many rewards. In our 32 years, we’ve passed through some interesting chapters. This was a good one. Yes, we ‘hit our internal reset button,’ creating many positive and refreshing changes to our leadership group and the way we manage – all for the better.

Our team is as solid, talented, and enthusiastic as it’s ever been.  We’re working together better than ever. We’re intensely focused on improvement and growth to more effectively serve our customers, to meet the growing demand for our brand, and to prepare for the next generation.

We’ve revitalized our business with a $4.25 million capital expansion. We are opening new markets, streamlining product lines, creating new efficiencies in production, embracing new technology, becoming leaner and investing heavily in equipment and capacity.

I assure you we are as strongly committed to our business as the day it was founded.
Sincerely yours,

Steve Banks
President and CEO