Quantum Replaced, Adding Capacity & Flexibility

Posted Sep 05, 2017 by Banks Staff

The end of 2016 saw a major change in our ripping capabilities. We dismantled our old Quantum System, saving one of the Mereen-Johnson 424 saws to rebuild and use in a new inline system. We installed a new Mereen-Johnson 524 saw as a separate line, which has significantly reduced changeover times. Combined with our Mereen-Johnson 312 ripsaw, we now have three independent work cells for maximum flexibility and better turnaround response for both large and small orders of gang-ripped material.

Dismantling Quantum also freed an embedded 382 planer to become a part of our fourth lumber grading line. This added 5,000,000’ of additional annual processing capacity. We now have a total of four Newman 382 planer lines in White Pigeon that produce 1,000,000’ per week of high quality color sorted material.