New Equipment and Systems Improve Efficiency

Posted Sep 05, 2017 by Banks Staff

Real-Time Inventory System Now Online

After several years of development, our inventory system has reached a major milestone; we’re now tracking inventory in real-time. Previously, our older software did not communicate well with our barcode machines, requiring manual data entry into our inventory system. The delay meant our sales and production teams had, at best, day-old data.

But with real-time inventory data, as soon as a bundle is produced, stuck at the stacker, moved in or out of a kiln, or shipped on a bill of lading, that information is made available to our trading team. They utilize interactive data tables to quickly filter and find precisely what inventory is available for our customers, and use that same information to better schedule production runs.

Though it’s already produced significant benefits, we’ll continue to hone this system to be even more informed and proactive in our decision making processes in the future.

Laser End Tally System Offers More Detailed, Accurate Information

In order to reduce tally time, improve accuracy and provide clients with more detailed information about our lumber, we’ve purchased two new Vision Tally automated laser end-tally systems. Our first machine will arrive in Menomonie, WI in October and the second system will be installed in White Pigeon, MI in December.

New Pack Saws Improve Green Chain Efficiency 

To eliminate the need to pass product through the green chains solely to trim lumber that isn’t double-end-trimmed, we have recently purchased two Transcut® II Station Holtec pack saws. We just finished installing one in Menomonie, WI, and the other will be installed in White Pigeon, MI shortly. For more information on this system, please visit