System Upgrades Nearly Double Capacity

Posted Dec 02, 2016 by Banks Staff

We recently installed a new Mereen-Johnson 524 ripsaw, along with its accompanying Vista chop saw and Weim hog. We have also dismantled our outdated Quantum system, and are reconfiguring one of the Mereen-Johnson 424 ripsaws into a single-saw system.

These two separate rip systems with their individual scanners will almost double our ripping capacity at our White Pigeon, Michigan production facility.

In addition to these two rip systems, we also have reconfigured our Newman 382 planer (previously a part of Quantum) as a fourth production surfacing/grading line, giving us four (4) Newman 382 surfacing/production lines at our White Pigeon facility. Our two new rip systems will be complimented by our Mereen-Johnson 312 ripsaw, and existing Newman 282 planer for finish-surfacing capabilities.

We look forward to keeping our customers posted on the progress of this exciting new expansion project, complete with photos of the finished facilities once they are completed. Please contact your Banks Hardwoods sales representative for more details on how we can assist you with developing your raw materials requirements!