• More Flexible Thick Stock Production

  • Continuing to Make the Grade

  • White Pigeon Expansion Update

  • Newberry Millroom Upgrade

  • Adding Value to Value-Added

Welcome to Banks Hardwoods. From our modest beginnings in 1985 as a direct wholesaler, we've grown to become a valued supplier of hardwoods to some of the most discerning buyers in the industry.

Cold Weather Impacts Production

March 5, 2015

The recent cold weather hitting the midwestern United States and other areas has significantly impacted our hardwood lumber production. In addition to the cold temperatures slowing the kiln turns, it has also caused delays with logging, sawmill operations and trucking.


Working Towards a Waste-Free Production Process

March 5, 2015

Since our inception, we’ve always endeavored to make the best use of these by-products. Our goal is 100% utilization at the dry kiln concentration yard level.


More Flexible Thick Stock Production

November 25, 2014

To service the ever growing demand of thick stock inventory, we've added new smaller kilns that give us more flexibility in drying smaller thick stock charges.


White Pigeon Expansion Update

January 30, 2014

A green lumber staging shed, two new air sheds, and seven new kilns have been added to our White Pigeon facility.